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The basics of Sugar Flower - The flower core/bud

April 05, 2018

Sugar Flowers, more commonly known as gum paste flowers are the best replacement for unhygienic fresh flowers for wedding cakes. The core of sugar flowers are the most important part to making a successful sugar flower to decorate your wedding cake. 

The core of a sugar flower determines the final weight, stability as well as usability of the flower, or how well you can inserted into the cake without changing the shape of the cake or causing hurt to your real cake. 

Styrofoam Cores / Flower Bud

Styrofoam cores provides a lightweight and stable core for your sugar flower. However on the down side, you will have to attach your own wire to the core using hot glue gun. And in cases are that the styrofoam end up being detached from the core if it is not glued properly. There are always instances where your heavier flowers such as david austin will slide down the core from being too heavy. Hours of hard work will go down the drain T.T

Gum Paste Cores / Flower Bud

Gum Paste flower buds are the easiest to create and they can be made by yourself when you are in the process of making your flower. However they can be really annoying as it will take at least 24 hours for it to be dried and stabilised for use. Furthermore gumpaste cores are heavier as compared to cotton cores or styrofoam cores, thus making it more risky than the other choices when placing it in your finished piece. 

Cotton Cores / Flower Bud

Cotton Cores are the best option in terms of weight and convenience. As the wires it is attached during production. The wire is swirled tightly like a cotton candy during production making it super secure. Moreover, cotton cores come in the shape of a cone, making it easier for you to find the 'center' of your flower to create consistent sugar flowers. Cotton cores comes in various sizes for you to create just the right size for your sugar flower. 

Still having doubts on which sugar flower core to use for your wedding cake? Check out Yume Patisserie's video where Chef Amber tested out the three different cores to make a sugar rose to decorate her wedding cake. 

To purchase Sugar Smith's produced cotton cores, click on the link here.


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