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Myflavor Oil Based Food Coloring

Specially curated by Sugar Smith Inc Myflavor Oil Based Food Colouring. A set of 16 colors at 0.88oz each. Halal certified.

This set of oil based food colouring is great to tone any fat based baking items to your desired color. Instead of buying different candy melts at high price and yet limit yourself in terms of colour, this set of oil based food colouring is a must buy for all cake decorators and pastry chef who wish to colour their chocolate, create chocolate decoration, cakepops or even toning your buttercream and chocolate based mirror glaze.

Use this food colouring with:

- Coverture chocolate
- Compound chocolate
- Buttercream
- Mirror Glaze
- Cake and Cookie Batter

Expiry date: Ranges from June - Oct 2020 

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